Modest Elegance

Is Modesty a classic concept.  Does fashionable and fully exposed have to be synonymous?

We examined the juxtaposition of the female form in classic sculpture, verse contemporary modest apparel at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.  Throughout the ages the feminine silhouette has been the muse of fine art.  The organic curves and rounded shape of a woman's body remains a driving force in art.

So, can clothes be our artistic self expression and still remain modest?  In a world of me too, can we be strong and remain modestly feminine simultaneously? 

Miss Finch NYC says yes, yes and yes!  The brand incorporates the shapes that flatter without flaunting.  An elegant and professional approach to self expression.  Integrating sensual fabrics, with special attention to detail.  Feminine trims and thoughtful finishing touches adorn so many pieces in the collection.  The palette consists mainly of neutrals with clean pops of color and classic patterns. The shapes are comfortable and easy to wear.  

Is modest hottest? Why do you choose Modest style? Miss Finch NYC is opening the discussion and wants your thoughts and opinions on modest fashion.  We are looking forward to your comments and the dialogue we hope ensues.

Actress Dancer Elizabeth Potter, sported some of Miss Finch NYC's classic silhouettes at the MET.  

Model: @e_a_potter

Photography: @fxnando

AP: @zulyb

MUA/Hair: @gabbymakeupnyc

Styling: @dawnstylenyc


Modest Elegance in Polka Dots
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